Deepan Raj M

Embedded Systems | Robotics | Computer Vision | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Electronics

Work Experience

Software Engineer at Visteon Technical and Services Centre, Chennai.

  • Projects:
    • Working in Automobile Instrument Cluster Validation Automation.
    • Incorporating Deep Learning and Machine Learning Technologies using python for automating the validation of Automobile Instrument Cluster
  • Tools/Libraries Used:
    • Keras, Tensorflow, Open CV, Librosa, SK-Learn, PIL, Pytesseract, Numpy, H5py,  & other python libraries.

Graduate Technical Intern at Visteon Technical and Services Centre, Chennai.  (15-Dec-2016 to 15-May-2017)

  • Projects:
    • Working on Automation in Feature Diagnosis for HMI part (TFT Display) of Instrument Cluster using HIL tester and Computer Vision
    • Creating Functionality Test plans and Unit Test plans for Instrument Cluster.
  • Tools Used:
    • Vector Canalyzer, Vector Cast, Trace 32, Excel VBA

Technical Forte


Verilog HDL
Embedded C


Embedded Systems
Machine Learning
Deep Learning


Raspberry Pi
Xilinx Zed Board
PIC 16F877


Post Graduation

Under Graduation

Master of Engineering in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems (2015-2017) at Anna University, MIT Campus, Chennai

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication (2010-2014) at Agni College of Technology, Chennai

Papers Published

1.  Published a paper titled “ Smart Autonomous Gardening Rover with Plant Recognition using Neural Networks” in International Conference on Advances in computing and Communication, 2016.

2.  Presented and Published a paper titled “Static Gesture Recognition based Precise positioning of 6 DOF Robotic Arm using FPGA”, in International Conference on Trends in Industrial Measurements and Automation, 2017.

3.  Presented and published paper titled “Vision Based Feature Diagnosis for Automobile Instrument Cluster using Machine Learning”, in International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication and Networking, 2017.

4.  “Analyzing ConvNet Depth for Deep Face Recognitionsubmitted to CVIP-2017, IIT Roorkee.

5. “Identification of Unhealthy Regions in Plant Leaves using Convolutional Neural Networks, submitted toAIR-2017, IIT Delhi.


6. Published “Multi Lingual string verification for Automotive Instrument Cluster using Artificial intelligence“,  in 15th international conference on software testing “Connecting Machine learning, AI, IOT, Block chain and Big data together “at Step-In Summit 2018.


Hand Gesture Based Robotic Arm control using FPGA

The static hand gesture is recognized and processed by using Odroid XU4 and Open CV. Based on the recognized Hand Gestures, Servo motors in the 5 DOF Robotic Arm will be controlled simultaneously to perform pick and place operations efficiently and precisely using Xilinx Zedboard FPGA.

Autonomous Gardening Robot – ALIVE

An Autonomous robot which assists the farmer by Identifying and checking the plants and its habitats by watering it, pouring pesticides and forecasts the yield rate and weather using IOT and Raspberry Pi.

Voice Controlled Biped Walking Robot

A Biped robot  that can walk and perform other activities based on the voice command given by the user using an Android application and Arduino. It is a 6 Degrees of Freedom robot made of high torque servo motors making it easier to waking forward, backward and some postures.

6 Legged Walking Hexapod for border surveillance and security

The robot has 18 servo motors comprising of six legs, is used for walking in all terrain. It is controlled by servo controller and Arduino. Raspberry Pi is mounted on the bot for detecting human and sending an image to the security via SMS using Vision based Machine learning and IOT.

Vision based Surveillance system using Machine learning and IOT

Face Detection & Recognition is done using Vision based Machine learning algorithm (HOG), by which unauthorized user on the PC will be identified and an image will be sent to the user via SMS.

Home Automation using LABVIEW

The project is a sophisticated model in which various appliances in a home can be controlled using LabVIEW. The project incorporates unique automation by controlling it through a central server and also by Voice.

Home Automation using Internet of Things.

Home Appliances can be controlled using a website from anywhere using Raspberry Pi and WebioPi.

Humanoid Robot (5 – Feet)

5 – Feet Humanoid robot with 16 DOF controlled by Arduino Mega, which can perform operations like walking forward & performing Postures.

Academic Achievements

1. Won the Most Impressive Project award on the topic “Drill Droid” in IIT Kharagpur, Kolkata.

2. Won 1st Prize in International level Paper Presentation on the topic “Cerebral Decoder using EEG and Neural Linguistic Dictionary” in Anna University, Thoothukudi.

3. An Official Record Holder of Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records and Tamil Nadu Book of Records by attending the Largest and Longest Information Security Hands-On Workshop (E-Hack)  

4. Won 2nd Prize in International level Project Presentation on the topic “Modern Farming” in Anna University, Thoothukudi.

5. Won 2nd Prize in National level Project Presentation on the topic “Mobile Stealth Maneuverable Robot” in “Anna University, Chennai.

6. Won 1st Prize in National level Paper Presentation on the topic “Artificial Legs” in Bhajarang Engineering College, Chennai.

7. Won 1st Prize in National level Project Presentation conducted by Velammal Engineering College.

8. Won 3rd prize in Interdepartmental project exhibition on the topic “Gentrification of Conventional Energy” conducted in our college.

9. Won 1st Prize in National level Quiz competition in R.R. Engineering College, Chennai.

10. Nominated as the Popular Project award by National Instruments, US.

11. Ranked 51st in National levelMathematics Talent Search” competition

Other Achievements

1. Conducted an Interdepartmental Workshop on LABVIEW in Agni College of Technology.

2. Organized workshop on Image Processing, Computer Vision & Machine Learning on Jan’17 in MIT, Chennai.

3. Organized workshop on PIC microcontroller & RTOS on Mar’16 in MIT, Chennai.

4. Organised a Technical Symposium as the Vice President of Agni College of Technology in 2012.

5. Won 20+ Technical Events during the year 2011 to 2014 in many National level Symposiums.

I love Teaching, The pleasure builds up in my heart is immense

This made me as a technical trainer (3+ years), where I lectured engineering students on various technologies at various locations in Tamil Nadu.  In a span of 3 years I have lectured about 20 + workshops and seminars.


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